About the Foundation

Alma Mater Foundation Worldwide focuses on inclusive art and neurodiversity. For years we’ve been working on neurodiverse theatre productions and research projects that study the state of inclusion in Russia and beyond. People are at the centre of our work. They (artists) generate meanings, and become the drivers of cultural and social change. The Foundation provides support to their work, and facilitates connections between creators – neurotypical and neurodivergent alike.


We have a permanent neurodiverse team that for many years has created theatre productions, films and more. Our productions are shown across Russia, and have won awards at multiple festivals. We have provided employment to many autistic actors, writers and directors for years now.


Alma Mater is working closely with the law firm S&K Vertical, leading a program of legal support for neurodivergent people. This is one of the few programs of its kind in Russia.


Alma Mater is committed to a research-based approach in everything we do. We are conducting social science studies and collaborating with scientists all over the world.


It is important for us to continuously innovate and open new avenues of development. We have launched a number of startup projects, focusing on innovation and neurodiversity; including development of AI and creating a series of Masterclasses with a neurodiverse crew of leaders.

REconstruction project was launched by Alma Mater in late 2020,  and follows three broad directions:


We are conducting a socio-anthropological study into the discourse of inclusion. Using interviews, participant observation, open source analysis and focus groups, we are creating a map of the significant currents and debates in inclusion. We are already applying our findings in practice, and hope to eventually publish them.


Early on in our research, we discovered that inclusive projects tend to be quite disconnected from each other. They work in the same sphere, yet there is little exchange of culture and experience. Thus, we set it as one of our goals to facilitate connections between inclusive projects in Russia and beyond.


We are continuously applying our research in practice. REconstruction gave birth to a unique Masterclass programme with a neurodiverse crew of leaders. This programme is offered to companies that wish to advance inclusion in their workplace and provide training to their employees.

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