Created by art innovations support foundation “Alma Mater” in partnership with “Anton is right here” Сenter. There “Conversations” plays with participation of actors with autism spectrum disorder (RAS) and “nonChildish conversations” for a mixed family audience, including children with ASD took place. At present, “Kvartira” has to leave Moika, 40 and go in search of a new place for life and work.


In “Kvatira”, which is settled in a former St. Petersburg communal apartment on the corner of Nevsky and the Moika river embankment, life did not abate for a minute: there were guests all the time, conversations, tea drinking. There rehearsals, lectures, maser-classes, concerts and readings took place. “Kvartira” plays could hardly be called plays in a standard sense of the word. And the space itself was not like a theater – and has never attempted to be like it. “Kvartira” was different from other theaters and art-spaces not only by an open, horizontal concept, but also by the fact that there existed a variety of people on equal terms in it, including those with features of mental development. This is a pioneering experience of creating an inclusive new type model in Russia.

«This is our dedication to the famous apartment of OBERIUts ,  apartment of Leonid Lipavsky, where Kharms, Zabolotsky, Vvedensky, Oleynikov, Druskin gathered – there they had their conversations. These apartment meetings became their main form of creativity. And we also rehearse not so much the plays, as we are trying to somehow return to the form that is very important for Leningrad – apartment, kitchen meetings and conversations. »

Boris Pavlovich
Director, artistic director of the project


«A performance that saves from everyday mechanistic existence, when it is workworkwork all the time … There is a feeling that you have pulled out all the best human things which exist in you»..

Marina Kornakova
Theater expert, theater critic
Managing Director of the festival of theatrical art for children “Harlequin” (St. Petersburg)

“Kvartira” exists in the context of memory of Leningrad communal kitchens with philosophical conversations and artistic insights for night tea and not only. ”

Tatyana Troyanskaya.
SPb diary

“The project team of “Kvartira. Conversations”- is professional actors, actors with autism from “Anton is right here” Center, artists, musicians – a total of 40 people. “Alma Mater” art innovations support foundation helped in creation of the project.”

Takie Dela.
Foundation Journal “Need Help”

“An alternative world is being built here, a little childish, a little naive. It gently ignores well-established, “adult” laws and offers the same naive to come and talk about everything. If you wish – about French chanson, about your fears, about problems in society. Nothing will be superfluous or inappropriate. ”

Tata Boeva.
New Newspaper



In place of attempts to attract a “special” person to a conditional “norm” comes the need to jointly develop effective behavioral strategies. Each participant in this process opens up previously hidden resources of empathy, creativity, ability to navigate in an unusual situation and make decisions.


The project contains important symbolic, educational and informational functions, involving the society in the discussion of issues of social ecology, tolerance, the formation of stable links between various groups and bringing people with mental disabilities out of forced isolation.


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