Electrotheatre Stanislavsky is located on the main street of Moscow, at Tverskaya, 23. In 1915 “Ars” cinema was opened here, and in 1950 the K.S. Stanislavsky Moscow Drama Theater – the successor of the K.S. Stanislavsky Opera and Dramatic Studio, opened in 1935, got the building. The symbolic heritage of these three places: the drama theater, the opera and drama studio and the cinema – Electrotheatre Stanislavsky takes it to a new era.

The reconstruction of the theater in 2013 was carried out by the architectural bureau Wowhaus – the authors of Strelka Institute, transformations in Gorky Park and the renovated Krymskaya Embankment. The author of the renovation program and artistic director of the Electrotheatre is Boris Yukhananov, director, theater theorist and teacher, student of Anatoly Efros and Anatoly Vasilyev.

In May 2017 Stanislavsky Electrotheatre became part of Union of Theaters of Europe.


Russian theater, film and television director, producer, actor, poet, writer, artist and teacher.

Since 2013 – Artistic Director of Electrotheater Stanislavsky. In the new theater he staged: a trilogy “Blue Bird” (2015), opera series “Sverliytsy” (2015), a two-part performance “Persistent Principle”, second edition (2015). In the same year, 2015, a unique project was released, named by the director as “new procedural” – “The Golden Donkey. Open Work Space” based on Apuleius’s novel The Golden Donkey. In 2017, the play “Galileo. Opera for violin and scholar. In 2017,] at the international music festival “Holland Festival” in Amsterdam, the premiere of the opera “Octavia. Trepanation” took place.

In 2018, public was presented a six-day new project “Orphic games. Punk Macrame “, based on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice.