December 6 – 7, 2017, from 1 pm to 10 pm

Tannery 40, Petersburg

A socially significant theatrical project with participation of homeless “Untouchable” aroused a keen interest in St. Petersburg, becoming one of the main events of the theater season 2016-2017.

Director Mikhail Patlasov, twice winner of the National Theater Award “Golden Mask” for the play “Antibodies”, was invited to the post of head of social projects at the Alexandrinsky Theater.

The project received support from the media and various social institutions, which allowed it to go beyond the strictly theatrical.


“UnTOUCHABLE” is a social project that explores homelessness by theatrical means. We look at it from an unusual position, revealing depersonalizing stereotypes about “homeless”, exploring the myth that has formed in Russia around the problem, formulating a new look at this phenomenon. During the project, it became clear that there are a lot of untouchable topics, and only some of them fall into the area of understanding by actors.

“UnTOUCHABLE” completely changes the concept and becomes a platform open for various art forms to non-touching, untouchable, inviolable, unusual themes for the subject of art.

NonFEST «unTOUCHABLE» – is a total two-day installation on untouchable topics, which is not customary to talk about. It is the last show of the performance “unTOUCHABLE”, completing that, we are creating a series of new projects in socially-oriented art. These are various performances, actions, media, reading socially-oriented drama, presentations of funds and projects actively working in the field of untouchable topics. Each project will have its own zone.

From installation to installation, moving through a maze of stereotypes and prejudices, we are looking for answers to many questions of today.

The Team:

Mikhail Patlasov
Ideology and director

Peter Semak
National artist of Russia

Vladimir Abih
Artist of “unTOUCHABLE”

Mikhail Ivanov

Maxim Karnaukhov
Assistant Director

Mikhail Smirnov

Alina Tikhonova
Media artist